Boogie Jones,a 21st Century Musician and Abstract Painter hailing from Los Angeles California combining 30 years of intensified math, engineering, design studies into the multimedia conglomeration that is Boogiesnackz.

His early years in painting were heavily influenced by world renowned Expressionist maestro and painter LeRoy Neiman and the works of Kazimir Malevich, the godfather of Suprematism and its wave of artistic influence that swept the art world since 1913, to present. These personal apprenticed lessons from Mr. Neiman contributed to a culturally rich run of Art sales and mingling with legends in the Sports and Music world to expand his horizon on Arts true appeal to the individual and the world, big minded or small.

He established Boogiesnackz in 2000 upon realizing the simple connection between food and the many other joys of the spirit such as Art and Music. The culmination of this initiation into the mind of artists and patrons set him off on his latest venture series into Suprematism and Expressionism, with a 300 piece collection of painted works, some of which are displayed here.His intense interest in Berenice Abbott, photographer & sometimes muse of Man Ray, set him on the quest to create this Series with the intent to strip away such cultural identifiers as gender, nationality, ethnicity, & stereotypes to show true bare imagery that acts more as an emotional alphabet for viewers to identify with their internal connections to the raw brain hard wiring within. A fantastic trip into the visceral world of geometry, intense color, definitive detailing and the perpetual pursuit of Form, Proportion, and Counterpoint.Nature and the Face are duly evident in most of his works subsequently. A unique mingling of what is Universal amongst viewers and ties deep down into the psyche of the Symbolic and Archetypal in us all. It is his pure pursuit to speak to all clearly, young, old, near, far, past, present, seen or unseen, yet all as one, United.

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